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Elective: Advanced Software Construction
Updated :  2023-03-16


Examples from Advanced Software Construction



  • Other topics
  • A study on Genetic Algorithms
  • SignalR
  • Garbage collection / IDisposable
  • .NET Hukommelse og Garbage Collection (memory and Garbage Collection)
  • Uses of Design Patterns, concurrency Patterns
  • Unity Physics and Transform Logic/Libraries
  • Bevægelses Algoritmer (movement algorithm)
  • Unmanaged Code in C#
  • How to manage threads in multi-threaded applications?
  • What happens “Under the Hood” in hashing algorithms?
  • Memory management I C#
  • Udvikling af en MOS 6502 Emulator i C# (developement a MOS 6502 emulator in C#)

General issues of Synopsis