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Synopsis ideas
Elective: Advanced Software Construction
Updated :  2022-03-09

 Synopsis Ideas

For "Advanced Software Construction"

  • Garbage Collector, IDisposable, ...
  • Caching functions to databases
  • C# allows using pointer variables in a function of code block when it is marked by the unsafe modifier.
  • Advanced use of event logger, notifying, event manager
  • Different security issues in C#
    • authentication, login
    • web apps web tokens, hashing, encryption
    • Handling sensitive data
  • Communication between native and managed code
  • Investigate diff. 3rd part packages sending email, sms, tracking systems
  • Functional languages/elements like GO, LISP, TCL, Scala
  • Logical languages/elements like prolog,
  • Concurrency Design Patterns
  • SignalR
  • more to come ....