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Start up with Raspbery Pi

Updated : 2017-02-01

Start up with Raspberry Pi

Idea: To have the raspberries ready for next step - the actually sensoring stuff

Step 1 : Find and set up the Raspberry Pi

We will do this in pairs (i.e. 2-3 persons together). There are approx. 15 RPi's to 26 students

Some of the RPi's have a SD-card and have been used earlier - others need to have one

If a SD-card need to be set up before run - talk with the teacher (I have an image which must be downloaded to the SD-card before we can get the RPi up and run.).


Step 2 : Access the RPi

To access the RPi you can use putty for a remote terminal window (PuTTy – a ssh client for windows).

To copy or move files between the RPi and your computer (if windows) use WinSCP

For the RPi's

And keep it that way.


Step 3 : Run Python

Python is an interpreted language - so you can use any text editor to write the program.

  1. On the RPi you could use nano, which is a simple terminal window editor i.e. you can use it over PuTTy.
  2. If you would like to have some help you can use PyCharm on your windows machine and copy the files using WinSCP to the RPi.
    Download the PyCharm – You can get the professional edition if you apply for the academic license - the same license as to ReSharper (Both products are JetBrains)


Step 4 : try or retry these exercises