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Elective: Big Data Workshop
Updated :  2017-01-28

Peter Levinsky (pele)
e-mail: PELE_ATT_EASJ.DK ( replace _ATT_ with @ )

Alleen 11B
4180 SorÝ
  Home-page: http://pele-easj.dk


In a period of 12 weeks you will only be working with the topic Big Data.
The idea is that you will investigate this issue together the the other students and the teacher, But you will not be any expert, who knew every tricky little feature and option.

You will get the oppotunity to go deeply into one of these in the synopsis

Previouses synopsises

Synopis ideas

Exam:  (see also Exam guidelines from Anders)

Basis: Your synopsis (a paper of 10 normal pages) and you have passed the mandatory assignment(s) in all of your electives.

Form: Oral examination.

Duration: 30 minutes examination (you prepare a presentaion on around 10 min).