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IoT and cloud
Updated : 2015-08-24

Storing information from an IoT in the cloud


To create a relay to collect information from an IoT and use a webservice to save information in the cloud.


My own defined webservices see http://anbo-easj.dk/prog3/wcf/exerciseWCF_whatIsPossible.html

UDP programming see http://anbo-easj.dk/tek3/socket/udpBroadcast.html


A) Create a webservice to store and fetch data

Design and implement a webservice having following methods:

The data are save in some store (your choice - e.g. see http://pele-easj.dk/2015e-prog/exercises/AzureStorages.html)

B) Create a Relay Station

Design and implement a new project/program that receives data (UDP packets) from the raspebarryPi on port 7000 and send them forward to the webservice
which adds a timestamp and store the information in some storage.

C) Create Web Service Comsumer

Design and implement a new project/program that can receive data from a specified period, and display these to the screen (Console or Gui at choice).

Additional exercises

Extra (very simple 'sensor'):

Design and implement a new UDP sender (could still be to port 7000 or use another port)

This sender should send out from time to time a current timestamp.

Refactor your webservice to handle these new events.

(To measure other features e.g. CPU utilization see : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3896685/simplest-possible-performance-counter-example)